#1: The Rosie Burgess Trio

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Music

Alright, time to kick this shit off! First on our list of things that are totally awesome: (drumroll pleeeeease!)

The Rosie Burgess Trio!

From left to right: Sam Lohs (drums, vocals, ukuleles) Rosie Burgess (guitars, vocals, harmonica, ukuleles) and Sophie Kinston (electric violin)

Now, I don’t blind date – never have, not my style – but I imagine that the process I go through looking for new music is not unlike the blind dating process, and whenever I find really great new music, I always make a mental note so that one day down the line – when we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary or making a toast at our kids wedding – we can reminisce about that first time we met. The Rosie Burgess Trio and I met on a cold November day. I was sitting in a coffee shop with my posse; the grad student in English lit and the freelance film director. To my right the former is wading through obnoxiously dense analytical writing in an effort to make sense of some classic (read: convoluted and boring) poetry, while across the table, the later is editing a film script while attempting to write an email in Italian. I’ve decided that I am on a mission to find some totally awesome new music. I keep a long list of names of artists who I’ve read about or who have been recommended to me and from time to time I pull that list out and start trying them out, one by one. So here I am in a speed dating frenzy, and most of these folks across the table from me are just kind of bleh. I mean a few are nice but not really my type, one is really instrumentally attractive but the voice is so irritating it’s actually comical, and one is super attractive with a really pleasant voice, but the lyrics are so cliche and uninspired it just ruins it. And then there was Rosie.

I clicked on the first song on the playlist, which happened to be Best Dress off of their 2008 album Wait for the World. The first 13 seconds feature a delicious instrumental intro complete with gorgeous, quirky instrumentation and the kind of sweet syncopated beat that makes you want to start dancing in your car even if you’ve never heard the song before. So, the 14 second mark rolls around and the singing is about to start, and let me tell you, I got nervous. I’m sitting here across from these ladies and I really want to like them and I’m just thinking PLEASE don’t let the vocals ruin it… and you know what? The vocals are really nice. And guess what else? The lyrics are pretty great too. Oh and wait, what’s that on top of everything else? Adorable Australian Accents?? This is looking like the start of a beautiful relationship.

I went on to listen to everything else on their MySpace page while perusing their page and you know what’s cool about them? EVERYTHING. First of all, they’re big animal rights activists, which, as a vegan for going on 9 years now, I think is pretty cool. And even if I weren’t a vegan, I like when a band stands for something, it makes me want to support them by buying their album. Also their list of musical influences includes a lot of my all-time favorites, like Dar Williams, Ani Difranco, Damien Rice, Barenaked Ladies, and The Be Good Tanyas.

Then I plug them into YouTube and find this super adorable music video for Stackhat:

Wait, you mean you don’t know what a Stackhat is? How embarrassing for you. They were only like, the trendiest bike helmets ever in Australia in the 80’s…

So anyway, there you are, the Rosie Burgess Trio. TOTALLY AWESOME. I hope you’ll check ’em out and maybe support them and buy their album, or go see them in concert if you live in Australia!


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