#3: ZooBorns

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Sheer Adorableness

Okay, I have to make this relatively short because my posse has assigned me the formidable task of reading all 7 Harry Potter books before we go see the latest movie. Luckily, this is one of those cases where pictures speak louder than words. Behold:

Loud enough for ya? If you don’t think that’s completely frackin adorable, get the hell out of my house because today, dear friends, we’re talking about zooborns.com; the totally awesome brainchild of artist/photographer Chris Eastland and self-proclaimed “lifelong animal nerd” Andrew Bleiman. The two created the site in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation efforts by showcasing newborn baby zoo animals from all over the world. Now, there are a lot of places on the internet to find cute baby animals, but this one is special because the little educational blurbs and undertones of social activism make it interesting. It entertains the aww reflex while speaking to the inner nerd. Also, funny-looking animals are SO much more awesome than normal-looking animals!

I submit as evidence this baby marmoset:

and this baby baboon:

and this baby otter:

The website gives you the option of looking through the animals chronologically, by zoo or by species. I recommend going through the species alphabetically. I’m not even halfway through yet – you can’t go through too many too fast or you’ll overload on cuteness – but so far I have to give highest cuteness marks to the leopard kittens:

followed closely by my new favorite animal, the fennec fox:

In addition to the website, Chris and Andrew have also published two ZooBorns books, a portion of the profits of which go to support the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, or AZA. And hey, the holidays are right around the corner…

SO, in conclusion, ZooBorns = TOTALLY AWESOME.




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