Counting Down to The Most Totally Awesome Show of the Summer

Posted: May 27, 2011 in TV

Hey friends!

So, as those who have been following me may have gleaned by now, two of my favorite things in the whole wide world are music and television. When the two combine, I get a little giddy. Back in the day-day, that happened rarely; a musical episode of Buffy here, a musical episode of Scrubs there, Phoebe singing amazing original songs on Friends, etc. Lately, I have found myself in the midst of an embarrassment of riches; Idol’s 10th season was one of the best I’ve ever seen, Glee rocked out it’s second season with no sign of slump in sight, The Sing-Off keeps getting better and better, The Voice is tons of fun, I’m psyched out of my mind for the return of my girls Kat McPhee and Paula Abdul on Smash and The X Factor in the fall, but MOST OF ALL, I’m excited for this Monday and the premiere episode of PLATINUM HIT.

What is Platinum Hit, you ask? For shame, I say! It’s only the greatest reality competition show you’ve ever heard of. With Jewel at the helm and Kara DioGuardi at her side, 12 singer-songwriters will compete in SONGWRITING BATTLES until only one remains. SONGWRITING BATTLES! And one more time: SONGWRITING BATTLES!

As if that’s not awesome enough for ya, two of the contestants are none other than Jes Hudak and Jackie Tohn, aka Powerfox and Ponymane, whom we’ve already established beyond question to be totally awesome.

So, I’m kicking off a three day countdown to Platinum Hit. Each day I’ll post something awesome done by someone involved with Platinum Hit, such that we can get psyched together! We’ll start with the lady who started it all: Jewel. If you haven’t seen this Funny or Die masterpiece, or if you just haven’t watched it in a while, you must watch it now:



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